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  • Entrenamiento funcional en programas de fitness Volumen I Volume 1Entrenamiento funcional en programas de fitness. Volumen I, Volume 1
    Julio Dieguez, Julio Diéguez Papí

    El volumen I constituye un manual completo y significativo.

  • Healthy Employees Healthy BusinessHealthy Employees, Healthy Business
    Ilona Bray, Ilona M. Bray

    "Helps business owners and managers target the main health concerns in the workplace and implement low-cost or free programs to increase productivity, boost morale, lower workplace stress, and potentially lower health insurance costs"–

  • Addiction at WorkAddiction at Work
    Hamid Ghodse

    Addiction at Work enables you to understand the background and extent of the problem: the cost of drug abuse to your organization; the role your own organizational culture may have in encouraging drug misuse; the risks associated with …

  • Managing Health Education and Promotion ProgramsManaging Health Education and Promotion Programs
    James A. Johnson, Donald J. Breckon

    This book serves as a core text for students of public and community health, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

  • Find Your Focus ZoneFind Your Focus Zone
    Lucy Jo Palladino

    Where did my day go? How did it get so late? I feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions at once. If only there were two of me, I could get it all done. If this is you at the end of the day, you are not alone.

  • What Every Pianist Needs to Know about the BodyWhat Every Pianist Needs to Know about the Body
    Thomas Carson Mark, Roberta Gary, Thom Miles

    Techniques on how to gain greater fluidity of movement while playing to improve the quality of the experience are offered in this manual for serious piano players.

  • Program Development and Grant Writing in Occupational TherapyProgram Development and Grant Writing in Occupational Therapy
    Joy D. Doll

    This hands-on book explains how to develop successful health-related programs along with tips and strategies for writing the grants to support these projects.

  • Human Factors and Behavioural SafetyHuman Factors and Behavioural Safety
    Jeremy W. Stranks

    Human Factors and Behavioural Safety is not written for psychologists, but instead gives health and safety professionals and students a broad overview of human factors and those aspects of human behaviour which have a direct effect on …

  • Burn out bore out et RPSBurn-out, bore-out et RPS !
    Olivier Berneout

    « Un témoignage saisissant » Les "bullshit jobs" ne sont pas une fatalité. Ancien Ingénieur salarié, Olivier Berneout a connu l’enfer au travail.

  • Meglio prevenire che curare Il pensiero di Bernardino Ramazzini medico sociale e scienziato visionarioMeglio prevenire che curare – Il pensiero di Bernardino Ramazzini medico sociale e scienziato visionario
    Giuliano Franco

    Medico della corte estense e accademico dello Studio modenese, Bernardino Ramazzini vive nella seconda metà del Seicento in un contesto contrassegnato da una prolungata recessione economica.